High Quality Business Broadband, Business ANNEX M Broadband, High Speed Broadband

Surfwise Complete Broadband & Line

  • Up to 6 Concurrent Calls through NETPLAN VoIP
  • Dedicated Voice Calls
  • 24 Mpbs Download Max
  • 1 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Inc. Business PSTN Line
  • Business Class Service
  • FREE Installation*

Surfwise Annex M Broadband Service

  • Up to 9 Concurrent Calls through NETPLAN VoIP
  • Dedicated Voice Calls
  • 16 Mpbs Download Max
  • 2.5 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Business Class Service
  • FREE Installation*

Surfwise ADSL 2 Broadband Service

  • Up to 6 Concurrent Calls through NETPLAN VoIP
  • Dedicated Voice Calls
  • 24 Mpbs Download Max
  • 1 Mbps Upload Speed
  • 20:1 Contention Ratio
  • Business Class Service
  • FREE Installation




Surfwise Business Class Broadband Services from VoIP SHOP

world class business broadband for mission critical requirements

Broadband Internet Access, aka broadband provides businesses with high speed Internet access and is usually refered to as ADSL ( Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ).

Our Surfwise brand of professional business broadband products offer a comprehensive range of business broadband solutions to suit both VoIP users and traditional Internet / Email usage. Powered by a world-class network infrastructure and supported by unrivalled customer service and technical support, Surfwise broadband is a fantastic solution incorporating high speed upload and download capabilities.

Surfwise has developed a complete set of broadband services designed to work in sync with all of our Hosted VoIP Services in a business environment.

Surfwise Complete Business Class Broadband

Surfwise Complete is a fully unbundled service providing the telephone line, traditional voice services and a high speed business grade ADSL2+ broadband over just one connection.

Using LLU and ADSL2+ technology, this revolutionary service utilises the Next Generation Network (NGN) and is designed with organisations in mind. Downstream speeds up to 24Mb and upstream speeds up to 1MB are provided with our Surfwise Complete Product subject to line and exchange quality.

Why Choose Surfwise Complete?

Surfwise Complete provides an uninterrupted performance at compelling prices. Our core network has been engineered to support a diverse range of access products as well as Internet breakout, co-location and advanced monitoring to provide a stable resilient platform. This high quality, competitively positioned package offers you a comprehensive and market leading product that is simple to understand and deliver.

With Surfwise Complete you get...

  • Simple, low cost entry into the combined voice & data marketplace
  • Single supply of Surfwise branded voice and data services
  • A single competitive bundled cost for line, ADSL and call usage
  • A business grade ADSL2+ service that gives simple, high speed connectivity
  • Assured rates for business critical applications
  • Competitive call and voice feature rates from us, the voice specialists
  • Differentiated products for an attractive offering

Surfwise Broadband M & M Enhanced

Increased Upstream Speeds For Faster Data Transmission.

Surfwise Annex M extends the capability of ADSL2+ by increasing the number of upstream bits. The downstream speeds can be up to 16Mb and up to 2.5Mb upstream. This increase in upstream is achieved by altering the upstream/downstream frequency split allowing upstream bandwidth to be increased from 1Mb to 2.5Mb, with a corresponding decrease in download bandwidth.

Surfwise Annex M and M Enhanced are competitively priced services that have good business coverage and very importantly are future proof. Annex M is an ideal option for customers utilising NETPLAN Hosted VoIP Services.

What can Surfwise M and Surfwise M Enhanced do for you?

The increase in upstream data rates enables us to offer market differentiating services. We can now offer up to 30 simultaneous calls or multiple applications and real time applications on a Surfwise M and M Enhanced connection.

Surfwise Annex M products offer...

  • Network resilience
  • SLA of 99.9%
  • A business focused product
  • A fast and reliable service
  • A service run over an uncontended core network
  • Enhanced upload speeds
  • Rate adaptive technology
  • Typical applications of: VOIP,
  • Terminal Server, Citrix, Web, FTP and Email Servers

Surfwise Annex M Enhanced also offers...

  • A prioritised downstream bandwidth
  • Enhanced Care broadband package as standard